About The Pole Party~

     The Pole Party started out as an "in-home girls night out."  A fun, exciting alternative to the typical bar and night-club scene.  Something exclusive to women and their girlfriends to get together and celebrate a special occasion or just to get together.  The Pole Party kicked off in April 2008 with a practice run at Lacey's house with her girlfriends, where they had a blast!  The Pole Party was first promoted at bridal shows, figuring it would be most appealing for bachelorette parties, and while there have been plenty of success stories there, some of the favorites have been a 50th birthday party and a retirement party, too fun!  

     Now, with the addition of pole dance fitness classes here, The Pole Party has reached it's goal of a studio filled with poles and women coming together and having a good time while getting an amazing workout.  You know, the secret to working out is having fun doing it!


     To give every woman the oppourtunity to feel and be as amazing as they already are.  To give a place where judgement doesn't exist and sexy does!  And to inspire and motivate women to do something fun and fabulous for themselves.  

   About Lacey~

       Lacey grew up taking ice skating and dance lessons and always loved watching fitness shows on television.  She obtained her Group Fitness certification in February 2006 followed by her Personal Trainer Certification in March 2009 and additionally in October 2009 became Group Power certified as well.  She has been teaching group fitness classes for four years now and is loving every minute of it!  One of her students/clients has given her the nickname “velvet hammer” for her ability to sneak up and hit you hard with a workout without you even realizing it because of her soft and sweet exterior and smile.  She believes a workout should be challenging and hard, but more importantly, FUN!  Something you're glad is over but can’t wait to do again.  Lacey loves helping people feel good about themselves, making them laugh and reach their desired goals.  Her friends say her drive and energy is contagious.  They along with her students and clients are thrilled with the opening of her pole fitness studio!

    "I truly love what I do and am passionate not only about fitness but also with women feeling good about themselves, not to mention strong and sexy!  I look forward to helping you with hosting a party and/or with fun and fitness!"


Some random tidbits:

Middle name: Kyle
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite pole move:  The Butterfly
Top 5 movies: 50 First Dates, Serendipity, Mama Mia,    
                    Dirty Dancing and Transformers
Top 5 bands:  Big Head Todd & The Monsters, 
                    Sting/The Police, O.A.R., Angles & 
                    Airwaves, and Anything 80's
Favorite foods: Tacos, Pasta, Margharita Pizza and 
                      anything with the word coconut in it :-)   
Loves: Her family and friends, good wine, concerts,
          teaching group fitness, Las Vegas, palm trees 
          and the beach!  AND POLE DANCING!!!

About Meghan~

Meghan was born and raised on the island Oahu in Hawaii.  She took dance classes ranging from hula to tap growing up and did equestrian sports, yoga, pilates, salsa, and hula hooping during high school and college.  She is a CSU graduate with a degree in biology and is working toward vet school admission currently.  Meghan started pole dancing at Fit4aGoddess Hawaii in 2008 and has been addicted ever since.  She currently takes private lessons with USPDF champion Estee Zakar in Denver. She has seen amazing results for herself and many sister goddess pole dancers in terms of strength, flexibility, posture, confidence, and happiness.  She believes pole is just as much about dance and expression as it is about fitness, and loves to help her students learn how to move in their own beautiful ways.

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